I am on top of the World….


I am the World. Maybe what I wanted to say is that I am on top of the world but no, its not just that. I am the center of the world. I don’t mean to say the Sun goes around me, but the lives of so many people are so closely linked to mine, so many people love me. I feel so blessed, 37 of my closest friends showed to to my Birthday Party today. Of course it means so much to me, that I they all took the time for me, just for me. And these are the best employed, busiest and the coolest people in Manhattan. 

No one was missing, everyone I invited was there, just for me. Ah! Alice didn’t show up, but she never has enough money left. She didn’t even show up for New Years. We all ignore her for the parties, though she is generally good fun to be. Needless to say Jack wasn’t there, breaking-up with another girlfriend, I assume. He has three times the number of break-ups than he has had relationships, total mess he is. No one drove up from Jersey city, its such a long drive for them and the B&T crowd can barely ever make it to anything fun. They  prefer Applebee’s to Hells Kitchen.

Shawn, as always, raised the birthday toast and remembered the nine years we’ve now known each other. My oldest friend! John the Jew was there too, but then he was all upset when I was promoted and he wasn’t, he didn’t even show up for the party. Can’t have best friends who wont share your joy, even if you’ve known them since you were 4.

Booze flowed and one bottle of tequila was used up just in the birthday shot. 37 people – 37 shots, or maybe 33. Exclude Tim and Sasha because they don’t touch alcohol unless its in their cough syrup. We mocked them all through high school and then just gave up  on them. I guess it was good they married each other. Also excluded were John the drunk and Alice, because they decided to quit. That day I thought, how dumb can people be? John the drunk who doesn’t drink, what all can marriage do to you? Alice is my cousin, I love her so much, but her philosophies are so weird that I can’t stand her for more than 5 minutes.

Sam came with his gang, as always. The dirty seven  as they are called. They are inseparable!  I have met the uninvited 6 a few times before, I was partying at their place in mid-town last Friday and we had a blast in Miami in January. Really cool dudes, but I didn’t specifically invite them and it was so hard to say no once Sam asked. I am  just nice to everyone.

Gina and I finally sneaked out and had a hearty laugh, good old days.  She told me how Susan was dressed like a slut, why she thought Harry was cheating on Sally, when Joe’s wife  walked out on him,  where Sonya went for her abortion, the second one, and what Kate was  smoking when she was pulled up for her DWI. We could see then all through the glass walls of the bar, it was like a movie show of dark secrets.

I have to say I totally love Shawn for a reason, he notices things everyone misses. Ron and Lisa took the subway, the days of driving a Mercedes are gone. The other Lisa doesn’t have her ring on anymore, I guess Jack found out her dress size.  Shawn is also keeping a good eye on Gina, she threw up at the last party and the one before that and the one before that. If it weren’t for her gossip, we’d have recommended de-addiction.

Now its 4 am, Shawn is still trying to hit on those two single girls we always invite for their ass. Not working, like always. Not it means he wont make it to golf tomorrow. Not that he plays any good, but I give him the chance to network. Meet the right people, make the right friends, but he will remain the loser that he is.  I don’t care, I am happy that I had the time of my life with all my friends. 

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