Praslin – White sand and solitude

The second largest island in Seychelles is small enough that you could drive around the circumference in about 30 minutes. There is actually nowhere else to drive, most of the roads skirt the beach and there is only one connection that cuts through the Island. Most of the island’s coastline is full of stellar beaches, you just have to pick what meets your taste. During … Continue reading Praslin – White sand and solitude

Mahe (Seychelles) – Beaches Beaches Everywhere!

It is hard to believe that a tiny island of less than 100,000 people and about 150 sq km can have so much diversity around it. Let’s start with the beaches – there are several – and with far more variety than you would expect to see on a single small island including a few that have been rated among the best in the world.There … Continue reading Mahe (Seychelles) – Beaches Beaches Everywhere!

Seychelles – A beach for everyone!

I started with wondering if its pronounced as “sea-shells” or something more French sounding. Once I started looking at the pictures, the name didn’t matter. Seychelles in not the only place in the world with white sand beaches and pristine blue waters. It is, however, one of the very few that has all sorts of beachesĀ  – lagoons, little waves, big waves, rocky and anything … Continue reading Seychelles – A beach for everyone!