Ukraine – A check in the Bucket List

My bucket list changes every few weeks or at times even more often. Each time I read a new good travel blog, the list is reconsidered and often updated. One of the few features that had not changed in a while was my interest in the disaster site of Chernobyl. While the radioactivity offered adventure, the deep stories and it being off most typical tourist … Continue reading Ukraine – A check in the Bucket List

Kiev – The Finishing Touches (day 2)

Day 1 involved some 35,000 steps and with a little bit of greed and some FOMO, we had managed to cover most of the major attractions in the city, save two. For me, the day started with a walk to St. Sophia’s Cathedral – one of the landmark sights of Kiev. Just a short walk from the reconstructed St Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery is this … Continue reading Kiev – The Finishing Touches (day 2)

Kiev – A City of Churches (day 1)

A city that has survived nearly a century of soviet rule which involved a systematic plunder of its cultural roots. Since the breakup of USSR the culture is evolving again, some of the structures are being rebuilt and the markets are getting more cosmopolitan and the city is trying to find an identity of its own. The motherland statue towers over the city – majestic, … Continue reading Kiev – A City of Churches (day 1)

Chernobyl – Nature strikes back!

Chernobyl remains one of the largest nuclear disasters in history with hundreds of thousand people impacted and about 4500 sq. km of land laid waste for a few thousand years. Included in this area are several villages and the Soviet model city of Pripyat which was created to showcase how man could fight against nature and win. It was a well planned propaganda for the … Continue reading Chernobyl – Nature strikes back!