Why Swine Flu decided Pigs were not enough?


Business Case – Expansion of business to human species


For centuries the pigs have been the most gracious hosts

we’ve prospered and grown at really little cost

they never wash their hands and have never heard of soap

some human doctors are really their only hope

while this comfortable life is perfect for some

the word is on the street that “change has come”


The pigs are cut and cooked and served a meal

those pork chops and ribs maybe delicious, we feel

the bloody swine is dead and doesn’t feel the fire

its us who cry and face a destiny so dire

at 170F we’ve killed off all the germs, thinks that man

adaptation, transmutation, genetic modification – “yes we can”


Pigs lived in swamps, recently upgraded to farms

man left the fields for air conditioning, TV and other charms

we can either wait for pigs to evolve and drive big cars

or just follow the path of good ol’ SARS

there is opportunity, man has many vices

and he is busy thinking of the subprime crisis


Believe it or not, its easier to move from man to man

to expedite the air, he even invented the fan

man’s hands reach his nose much easier than a pig can touch his snout

and they kiss, we love to spread by that route

they get together in groups, huddle around, thinking it is funny

let’s get them all, and enjoy our share of the TARP money


Pigs are worthless beyond the ribs and bacon,

all the good places on Earth, man has taken

the term pig itself is used as an abuse

disrespect for our home, lights up my fuse

i worry that pigs will go extinct in a rush

now that we no longer have the hater of pig-haters George Bush! 

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