I am a restless soul, both physically and mentally. I can’t sit at a place for more than a few and I can’t stop thinking of something totally random at every minute. It takes an effort to keep those thoughts focused and I have found that travel is one thing that works most wonderfully. I travel to explore and enjoy new cultures. At times this involves a lot of food, other times just long walks, a little talking to locals and usually a lot of living like the locals do. Since about a decade, I started taking a camera along and over time we have gotten to know each other a little better.

I have actively tried to add as much variety to places I travel to, beaches, mountains, cities, the wilderness and at times, some resorts! This blog serves as much a tool for me to relive these memories once in a while as to share some of what I learnt on the way. Personally I love hearing travel stories – those crazy experiences. So you will find me reciprocating and sharing some of my own, though there are too many to pen down here.

I started my travel journey early, as a kid when my parents took me to most wildlife sanctuaries in India and got me interested in nature. During my education, the opportunities were liming to long weekend trips but then life took me to US for 6 years. I covered 37 states and added over 100,000 miles to my two loyal cars. The return to India brought back proximity to so many Asian countries and some more vacation time to use. In addition, there was so much more to explore in India that I have been spoilt for choice – a position that I feel damn good about 🙂

I click through a Canon 6D and a small collection of lenses – 100mm macro, Sigma 150-600, 17-40mm L, 50 mm F1.4 and a 70- 200mm F4. More recently I have experimented a bit with phone cameras and I am beginning to enjoy that. Still I feel most passionate about the RAW images from my DSLR and Lightroom.

I am a hardcore foodie and there is rarely any meat that I would refuse to eat. I have tried alligators, scorpions, red ants, insects and more. I do feel, though, that the true test of eating endurance is not in the animals but in the organs. After picking on eyes, tongues, brains and tendons, I managed to also bite into large intestine of sheep…enough said!

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