New York – A nostalgic guide to food and drink !

I have been in and out of the city for the last 15 years. At times spending several weeks or months at a time and on some occasions making multiple week long trips a year. Over years I have found my favorites places to eat and drink. Then on every trip I would discover a few new places, some fantastic and others just meh. This post I will talk about the ones that I have gone back to many times and look forward to visiting on each trip.

The Real Pam Thai – In my opinion, the real Thai. It’s a small run down place on 49th and 10th but has stood the test of time and still maintains the high quality and amazing taste of food. My favorite dish here is the Pineapple Fried Rice with chicken and I top it up with a generous helping of the chilly powder and sauces they offer. The mild sweet flavour of the pineapple rice is the perfect base for some hot sauces. It goes fabulously well with a Thai iced tea. I have tried their Pad Thai, some duck and other dishes and while most of them were quite good, I still think about that perfect fried rice – true comfort food. They also sell some of their hot sauces and the chilly powder that I love.

Amor Y Amargo – Another hole in the wall and a kind of a speakeasy, though they do have a small sign outside the door. The reason this tiny place in east village stands out is just the uniqueness of the menu. There will definitely be nothing you have ever heard before and nothing like anything you have tasted before. The cocktails are maniacally bitter and boasts of tastes like leather, wood and some even less appetizing things. The magic is how your palette adapts to the taste and you grow to enjoy it. The place is tiny and can probably accommodate 12-15 people. There is no food on offer, not even a trail mix or peanuts but the booze is divine.

Bill’s Bar and Burger – A complete contrast to the above two, this is a modern sports bar with screens all around, large seating and a downtown location. On the ground floor of the Downtown Marriott, this place gives the feel of a typical dark sports bar that would serve some fairly mediocre food. Trust me, their burgers will surprise you. They are unique and delicious and you taste more of the meat and the fillings than the bread. The guac is usually amazing too and goes well with the corn chips they serve. The drink of choice here is usually beer and they have quite a large selection, many of draft.

In a few weeks, will write more about the new ones I have discovered and loved.

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