The Politics drives the World…

Often I think the World would be a better place but for all the politics and the politicians. That’s the emotional me, thinking. Rationally, every system needs a leader and every leadership involves politics. What leadership also involves is lots of money and power and those two can corrupt the best and purest of souls. What has interested me is the way different nations have handles the inevitable corruption that comes with power. There is India where its just accepted. Everyone knows the leaders are corrupt, but that is no longer a reason to use the democratic poer against thm. I guess the low literacy has something to do with this, its easy enough to create optical illusions of enough people to win a majority. Corruption is a mass issue, a government can be corrupt, a system can be corrupt but at an individual level, it never matters. Convicted murdered can be elected, though that is a whole different discussion.

US has a whole different approach, something that I call “Blind hypocrisy.” Surprisingly, it works pretty well. Corruption is legalized, lobbyist give money to campaign funds to push elected leaders at all levels to drive their agenda. Everyone believes they are doing the right thing, no one is corrupt, because it is perfectly legal.

The third extreme are some of the Islamic states, where leadership is ideological and comes with a lot of power but not always money. At places where the money is detached from leadership, the leaders have stuck to their values, however extreme these maybe.

Is there a way to remove Money from Politics? One that does not involve extremist thoughts…

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