Corbett- Rare combination of luxury and nature

There are truly a lot of flavors of Jim Corbett National park – you just have to choose which one you want. It’s a beautiful forest, very green with two rivers, many tributaries, and a large lake. It hosts a lot of wildlife, tigers, elephants, crocodiles, deer, and many others. The way it is split up, though makes it harder to cover all of it … Continue reading Corbett- Rare combination of luxury and nature

Sariska – A short drive to nature

The unusual problem of 2020 needed some unorthodox solutions. The solution to the ‘no-travel’ problems seems to be road trips to wildlife sanctuaries. I grew up traveling to these nature hotspots, so this isn’t very crazy for me. However, a year of back-to-back visits does sound a bit much. Though this is 2020, anything is possible. For a while, we flip-flopped between Bharatpur and Sariska … Continue reading Sariska – A short drive to nature

Ranthambore – Spotting the striped!

I have grown up visiting wildlife sanctuaries for annual family vacations. This always added to the familiarity and affinity I have towards the most natural of destinations. The four names that always inspired an awe in my mind were Kaziranga, Gir, Sunderbans and Ranthambore. Interestingly I didn’t visit any of these three growing up as the stars didn’t align on me travelling with my father … Continue reading Ranthambore – Spotting the striped!

Delhi to Rann – A 2800 km Odyssey: Phase 1

When we first spoke about it, this was a quite a long shot of a plan. There was always the intent but never the certainty that between busy work schedules and other commitments, we will be able to pull off this adventure. Over several morning coffees the plan to drive to Delhi to the Rann took shape. There was a lot of discussion on stopovers … Continue reading Delhi to Rann – A 2800 km Odyssey: Phase 1

White Rann – An Exotic Adventure

Every year for a little under three months a fabulous city pops up in the middle of remote wilderness and makes it easier to experience the exotics of the otherwise inhospitable Rann. The unique landscape and the immense natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists and tens of thousands of birds. It offers stunning views of quiet sunsets and fiery sunrises over a mesmerizing blanket of … Continue reading White Rann – An Exotic Adventure

Keoladeo National Park – An overnighter from Delhi!

This was the place birders put up a tripod on a cold winter morning and sat hours in the hope of spotting a Siberian Crane – the birding equivalent of spotting a tiger. Alas Siberian Cranes have given India a miss since their last visit in 2002 when the lake in Keoladeo National Park went dry and remained so for 4 years. In 2006/7 water … Continue reading Keoladeo National Park – An overnighter from Delhi!